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Breakfasts, Sandwiches & Melts

The Stripey Badger Coffee Shop & Kitchen

Breakfast                                                     Sandwiches & Melts

The Stripey Badger Full English     £9.95

(Served until 3:00pm)

2 rashers of bacon, 2 local sausages,

mushrooms, baked beans, tomato & a fried

egg served with toast & butter

The Stripey Badger Seriously

Full English    £12.95

(Served until 3:00pm)

As above but served with extra sausage,

bacon, egg and also includes 2 hash browns

and black pudding

Veggie Breakfast    £10.75 V

(Served until 3:00pm)

2 Quorn Sausages, 2 hash browns, 2 eggs,

mushrooms, baked beans and tomatoes.

Served with toast and butter

Scrambled Eggs on Toast    £6.95 V

Made with 3 free range eggs and cream, 

served on hot buttered toast.

If you fancy something special, why not add

smoked salmon?    £8.50

Poached Eggs on Toast    £6.50 V

2 poached eggs on hot buttered toast

Beans on Toast    £4.95 V

Piping hot beans on hot buttered toast.

If you're a little hungrier, why not add

cheese?    £5.95 V

Bacon Croissant Melt    £5.75

Bacon and melted cheese inside a freshly toasted croissant

Toasted Teacake    £2.40 V

A fresh current toasted teacake served

with butter.

If you fancy something sweet, why not

add some strawberry jam?    £2.75 V

Toast​    £2.50 V

Two slices of toast made with your choice

of bread, served with butter.

If you fancy something sweet, why not

add some strawberry jam?    £2.85 V

Granola Breakfast Pots £5.25 V

Greek Yoghurt and crunchy granola drizzled

with honey, accompanied with summer fruits

or sliced banana.

(All of our sandwiches and melts come with your choice of white, brown, granary or gluten free bread)

Hot Sandwiches   

Mouth-watering bacon sandwich    £5.50

Sausage sandwich    £4.95

Mushroom, tomato and fried egg sandwich    £4.95 V

If you're still feeling peckish, why not add an extra filling?    £1.00 (each)

Mushrooms, tomato, fried egg, hash brown, sausage, bacon or black pudding

Toasted Paninis    £8.25

(served with a delicious side salad)

Cheesy tuna melt

Marmalade roast ham & hot cheese melt

Brie & red onion chutney panini V

Cheese on Toast   

Chunky rustic slices of bread covered in a layer of melted cheddar cheese

The Classic    £6.75 V

Cheese on Toast with Bacon Bits    £7.50

Cheese on Toast with Peppered Mushrooms    £7.50 V

Cold Sandwiches    £7.65

(All served with a salad, crunchy coleslaw & a side of crisps)

Sliced salami layered with emmental cheese and a slice of one of our thick beef tomatoes

Home made tuna mayo with crunchy cucumber

Our marmalade roast ham

Wenslydale cheese, spread with spicy chutney, topped with grated carrot and apple

Our Specials

Crumpets & Tea    £5.50

Two fluffy crumpets served with strawberry jam, butter and a piping hot pot of tea, perfect for a light lunch or a scrumptious breakfast

(Please ask our team about any allergen information regarding the menu)

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