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People are dying in the West Yorkshire city of Fordley, from the kind of random, everyday accidents that happen in a busy city. Or are they? Forensic pathologist Elle Richardson, doesn't think so. She believes there's a serial killer, stalking the streets.

But with no hard evidence to go on, West Yorkshire police are treating them as unfortunate deaths. Convinced she's right, Elle turns to her good friend, Forensic Psychologist Doctor Jo McCready. Working as a police consultant, Jo's methods have proved successful in the past.

But this time, she'll have to go it alone, with none of the resources or backup of a major enquiry team. If this is murder, Jo McCready must work out the link between these seemingly unrelated deaths - then get inside the mind of a killer. As the body count rises, the clock is ticking down and Jo's profile leads her to one shocking and deadly conclusion.

When people she cares about are put at risk, it's as personal as it gets and Jo must risk everything to win a deadly game of psychological cat and mouse. Can she prove her theory and prevent anyone else from dying before it's too late?

The Invisible Dead by Lesley McEvoy

SKU: 9781804184783
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