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Her life is so full, so why is she hungry?A high-wire exploration of control, pleasure and desire .A book that tears at the surface of things to reveal the vast, messy truth of a body with a beating heart. an unshakable childhood nickname getting married is her opportunity to reinvent. Together, Kit and Piglet are the picture of domestic bliss  effortless hosts, planning a covetable wedding ... But if a life looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Thirteen days before they are due to be married, Kit reveals an awful truth, cracking the facade Piglet has created. It has the power to strip her of the life she has so carefully built, so smugly shared. To do something about it would be to self-destruct.

But what will it cost her to do nothing?As the hours count down to their wedding, Piglet is torn between a growing appetite and the desire to follow the recipe, follow the rules. Surely, with her husband, she could be herself again. Wouldn't it be a waste for everything to curdle now?Piglet is the searing, unforgettable and original debut which is set to take readers by storm in 2024.

Piglet : The must-read literary fiction book of 2024

SKU: 9780857529565
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